Yoga Diksha & Training

Dhyana Yoga Center offers the most in-depth and comprehensive Yoga Diksha (training) programs. Our programs are crafted for both seasoned and aspiring teachers, as well as for dedicated students who wish to deepen their practice and further their understanding of yoga. We believe that yoga is beyond physical discipline, it is a journey of self-realization. We offer combined aspects of Yoga with ancient science to our students, that we call – Yoga Samhita. Our core value weaves practice of asana in combination with meditation, concepts of Ayurveda (ancient medical science), understand physical anatomy, learn mudras, chakras, and understand what it is to be a Yogi. At Dhyana Yoga Center, we do not intend to set up a system that churns out students in a specific style of practice. Keeping this as our guiding principle, we offer a rich and varied set of programs that are appropriate for students new to this journey as well as aspiring teachers or dedicated students who wish to deepen their practice as well as for seasoned teachers wishing to advance their studies.

Dhyana Yoga Diksha & Training

Yoga Teacher Certification
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