Physical You

Yoga is a practice of connecting asana to breath. An understanding of anatomy is key for the safety and development of yoga practice. At our center, we encourage yogis to learn why it’s worth their time as a yoga practitioner and/or teacher to study anatomy. An understanding of anatomy gives you the tools to analyze your practice and teachings to create effective movement patterns. This encourages proper sequencing techniques that include adequate warm-ups and poses with appropriate counterposes.

Anatomy and Yoga
Teachings designed for simple and practical understanding of anatomy for use in yoga. This will enable you to understand which parts of the body should be actively contracting and which should be relaxing, how a joint moves in an asana - your actions as a practitioner and instructions as a teacher will be much more precise.

Yoga Care
Workshops crafted for a specific area of focus and designs practice to address those concerns. Using variations, props, and mindful sequencing to compliment this information creates an inclusive yoga class.

Yoga Care for You
We believe that every individual is unique and so is their need for a holistically balanced life. We offer private sessions that are crafted based on your body, concerns and goals. Blend of anatomy learning with asanas, mudras, bandha and meditation techniques will enable the practitioner to tread on the right path.
To enroll into private session, please fill out YogaCare Form and email us at We will contact you and confirm the enrollment.

24 Cancellation Policy applicable for Private Sessions. Full refund if cancellation received within 24 hours of enrollment, full payment required thereafter.