Welcome to Dhyana Yoga Center

At Dhyana Yoga Center, we believe in the traditional form of Yoga – the way it is meant to be.  We offer combined aspects of Yoga with ancient science to our students, that we call – Yoga Samhita. It is one’s journey to reach his/her core self.

 We cover in-depth study of Hatha Yoga in combination with –

  • Meditation and teachings on mindful body to control our manas (mind)
  • Learn concepts of Ayurveda (ancient medical science) combined with teachings on anatomy to have a better understanding of physical being i.e. our sharir (body)
  • Teachings on mudras, mantras and Being a Yogi to feed our atman (spirit)

Dhyana Yoga Center resides in the heart of Plano city in North Texas. Gurus (teachers) in the center have been practicing yoga for several years and each guru brings with them their own unique explanation of the sidhanata (principles) of yoga. 


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